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How do we work?


Our discovery process consists of three essential steps to ensure a thorough understanding of your project and lay the foundation for its success. Using a digital whiteboard, we will gather:


  1. High-Level Requirements: We engage in detailed discussions to gather insights into your goals, objectives, and vision for the project. This step helps us define the overarching goals and is basis of our bespoke quote for your project.

  2. Low-Level Requirements: We work closely with you to identify and document the detailed functional and technical requirements of the project. This ensures that every aspect of your project is accounted for and aligned with your goals.

  3. Research & Design: This phase involves conducting research and analysis to inform the design process. We create page structures and consider necessary visual elements, ensuring that your website or project effectively communicates your message and engages your audience.  In the case of consultations, we use this phase to document our recommended strategy for your business and justify our approach.


During the Delivery phase, we focus on implementing the key tools and elements essential for the success of your digital project.


  1. Tool Setup: We take care of configuring important tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and the chosen Website Builder. These tools play a crucial role in tracking and analysing website performance, improving search visibility, and providing valuable insights into user behavior.

  2. Website Elements: If your project requires specific website elements, we ensure their seamless integration. This may include custom forms, interactive features, e-commerce functionality, or any other unique components that enhance the user experience and meet your project objectives.

  3. Digital Project Planning: If you need assistance with digital project planning, we can set up Jira, a robust project management tool. Jira helps streamline task management, track progress, and manage dependencies, ensuring a smooth and efficient project workflow.


By focusing on the delivery of essential tools and elements, we ensure that your website or digital project is set up for success. Our goal is to provide you with a solid foundation and the necessary resources to achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.


Once your site is published, or there has been significant changes, we closely monitor key aspects of your website, such as search performance, page indexing, and other relevant metrics. We provide short-term support to ensure that all changes have taken effect and everything is running smoothly. Hypercare is especially beneficial for larger digital change, where it takes time to see the positive impact we can have on your digital plans.  In short, we won’t leave you in the dark!

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