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Our Services

Web Design & Development

Not only do we support with the creative side of things, but we’re here to do the heavy lifting of building your website. We specialise in using Wix to design and publish your site. Whether you already have a website domain or need to find one, we’re here to get it all set up for your online business and to provide the long-term technical support to keep things running smoothly.


Needing a unique email address to go with your new website?  Thanks to Google Workspace, personalised email addresses are affordable, simple to manage and are an effective tool when it comes to your brand awareness. We provide full support in getting accounts set up for you and your team.


Website Branding

Consistency is key!  From page formats, fonts and buttons, we start by defining the brand guidelines to work within. As we begin to build out your website, we make sure that each design element is consistent.  This is so important for site viewers to experience - limiting the number of design themes helps to keep a focus on the content, and ultimately the message you're wanting to convey.  

As a creative design agency, we will work with you to define what style is needed for your site, whether it be classic, modern or rich graphics, we're here to make your website effective.

User Experience

Depending on the type of website required for your business, there may be certain functionality that you want your customers to interact with.  For example contact forms that reach your email inbox, or perhaps an embedded review widget, showing all your latest reviews without needing to update your website.  


Thanks to Wix applications, there's a whole suite of functionality that we support with to give your customers enhanced interaction with your business.  Wix also caters for responsive design (pages that scale to fit the device) which is essential for mobile users that typically make up 70% of website traffic.

Content & Copywriting

Website appearance, informative media and page layouts are a crucial aspect to an effective website. 

We cater to these needs with a copywriting service for those clients who need some help in finding the right words to convey their message.  In addition, we take a collaborative approach from day one to explore page layout options with you.


Taking inspiration from tools like canva, we can quickly reach a vision for the style and layout of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

So, we've built a website, it looks great - but how is it performing? "If you build it, they will come." Not necessarily! Even if you have the most visually-appealing website, what determines the ability for your website to be found? The answer - Search Engine Optimisation.  


At Masi Digital, we focus on Organic Search.  This is the opposite to Paid Search which is where companies bid to feature at the top of the google search results page.  With Organic Search, we're interested in things that can be done on the pages of your website and what can be done externally.  Using tools such as Google Search Console, and auditing tools, we're able to optimise your website for the visitors you want to attract.  But it doesn't stop there.  A good SEO plan is all about 'optimising', therefore it takes time to identify the best keywords, compare against competitors, and to land on the perfect content.

Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Google My Business

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about having an optimised structure and content displayed to your site visitors.  A website structure that follows best practice is giving your website the best chance to perform.

Using the right keywords to be found, ensuring that every page, title and link have the right tags and using applicable schema will signal to google that your website has been optimised.  This increases your chances of a higher search rank position - which is ultimately key if you want customers to find you.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about external factors that increase the trustworthiness (and therefore your authority) of your website.  This is arguably the most important factor when trying to gain more traffic for your site.  Having other websites link to yours is a major part of showing up on the google search results page (SERP).  Known as backlinks, these are important to build up to increase your online presence.

Masi Digital is here to support you with finding backlink opportunities, creating and optimising your Google My Business profile (especially helpful for local business results) and to fully utilise your business reviews to ensure that potential customers can come to trust your brand. 

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